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January 2018 to April 2018

Areas targeted

574 City West Housing Trust Flats


The campaign aimed to support the re-introduction of Salford City council’s food waste recycling to pre-selected social housing flats managed by City West Housing Trust.


  • Bin audits were carried to establish what facilities were available to residents.
  • Information leaflets and hessian bags were delivered to residents to encourage them to recycle.
  • Locks were placed on recycling bins, leaving only a small aperture.
  • Bins were monitored and flats recorded as green (no or low contamination, good maintenance, no fly-tipping or side waste), amber (medium contamination, area well maintained) and red (high contamination and poor maintenance). Only amber and green blocks were included in the campaign.
  • Leaflets were delivered to 324 participating flats.
  • 273 properties were door-knocked, 64 kitchen food caddies and leaflets were hand delivered, 20 were delivered to Irlam Princess Parkway Garden Centre, and 30 were left at Eccles Gateway Centre. Leaflets with a tear off voucher were posted through doors with no answer.
Phase 2 Leaflet Front


  • Over 60% of the bins were collected for recycling
  • There was a 20% increase in food waste collected
  • Delivering kitchen food caddies was difficult due to not being able to leave them outside flats and a lack of caretaker on site
  • Only 3 kitchen caddies were collected from Eccles Gateway Centre
  • A 6 week bin monitoring period is too short to asses whether behaviour has been embedded. Further monitoring is planned in July and November 2018

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