From February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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December 2016 to July 2017

Areas targeted

4,500 households in:

  • Chadderton


The aim of the campaign is to encourage residents to recycle more following a change to the collection service. The grey general waste bins are now collected once every 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks.


  • All households were door knocked to remind them of the recycling service and inform them about recyclable items that people tend to forget
  • An online version of the survey was also be made available for those residents who weren’t spoken to at the doorstep
  • A leaflet was delivered to each household
  • A ‘no food waste sticker’ was placed on the general waste bin as a reminder
  • The ‘Bin it to Win it’ competition was used as an incentive for residents to recycle right. Competition entries were collected both online and doorstep survey. Random entries were selected and their bins inspected on collection day. The prizes were given to households that recycled right
  • Thank you banners were placed around the borough
  • Community events were held across the targeted area
  • Local schools were approached and offered a coach to travel to one of the education centres or an assembly
Oldham bin it to win it leaflet


  • 2,687 residents spoken to on the doorstep
  • 6 Bin it to Win it prizes (6x£150 shopping vouchers) delivered
  • 2 education visits and one assembly delivered to local schools to 346 pupils.
  • 7 community events held – 106 residents engaged
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