October 2017 to January 2018

Areas targeted

1,031 households in:

  • Salford Quays


The campaign aimed to support the introduction of Salford City council’s food waste recycling through the delivery of bins, food waste caddies and compostable food bags as well as communication materials.


  • Letters were delivered to all households advising that food waste caddies and compostable food bags were to be delivered, with the option to opt out of the service.
  • Food waste caddies, compostable food bags and a leaflet were delivered, or left on the doorstep if the resident wasn’t at home.
  • Bin stickers were put on the general waste bins and new food waste bins. Signage was also installed at each bin store.
  • Flats were door-knocked a week after delivery and a short survey was used to answer recycling related questions.
  • A second communication leaflet in the form of a Christmas card was sent 4 weeks after the introduction of the service.


  • Food waste bins were well used and contamination was low
  • Two residents opted out of the service and 119 caddies were reclaimed from outside of residents’ properties
  • Pink lidded black bins with proved to be effective
  • Implementing the service in private properties with a caretaker was a factor in the success

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