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April 2016 to June 2016

Areas targeted

4,797 households in:

  • Prestwich
  • Tottington
  • Radcliffe


Contamination occurs when items that do not belong in a particular bin are placed in that bin (such as glass in the paper and card recycling bin). Contamination affects the quality of your recycling and means that we are not recycling as much as we could be.

The Right Stuff Right Bin campaign was designed to target contamination by clearly advising residents when the wrong item has been placed in the wrong bin.



  • Bin inspections were carried on the recycling bins over two bin collection days. Bins were tagged with green (no contamination – Thank you!), amber (little contamination), or red tags (more than 5% contamination)
  • All households who received a red tag on the second round of tagging, were spoken to at the door and given recycling advice on how to recycle correctly. Leaflets with recycling information were also handed out
  • Education assemblies and classroom sessions were delivered to local schools and colleges

Bury Right Stuff Right Bin Leaflet Front


  • With the mixed recycling and food and garden bins, the number of green tags increased over the two inspections and amber and red tags numbers decreased
  • With the paper and card bin, the number of green amber and red tags remained the same over the two inspections
  • 5 assemblies were delivered to local schools – 721 pupils attended
  • 5 information stalls organised – 200 residents attended
  • Two community events held – 247 residents reached
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