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April 2016 to September 2016

Areas targeted

3,000 households in:

  • Halliwell
  • Daubhill


The aim of the campaign was to encourage residents to use their recycling bins ahead of the introduction of the ‘slim bin’ service, where residents’ 240 litre general rubbish bins were swapped for a 140 litre bin.

The campaign also worked to increase the understanding of recycling and waste prevention in the area and encourage the adoption of positive behaviours from residents.


  • Households in the area were spoken to via door knocking to remind them of the recycling system and to order any missing bins
  • A bin shaped leaflet containing key recycling information was delivered to each household
  • Recycling bin stickers were placed onto each households’ recycling bins as a prompt to remind them what to recycle and how to do it right
  • Family open days were held at our recycling education centre to increase residents understanding of recycling
  • Recycling information packs were given to new tenants
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) work packs were provided to local classes
Bolton Bin Sticker


  • 346 people spoken to at the door
  • 2 community events attended by a total of 85 people
  • 6 open days attended by 67 adults and 56 children
  • 300 sets of leaflet and stickers distributed to Bolton@Homes
  • 3 ESOL packs distributed to each 3 ESOL classes within Bolton
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