Recycle Week: How many of these bathroom items do you recycle?

Greater Manchester recycles in the bathroom

Recycle Week is well underway! We’ve been busy talking to the people of Greater Manchester at our pop-up events. Check out our events page to see where we’ll be next.

People in Greater Manchester are recycling more than ever but there are still a few misconceptions around items often found in the bathroom. Here’s a quick guide to what you can and can’t recycle in the bathroom.

9 out of 10 people regularly recycle

Here are 3 things you might not be recycling from your bathroom.


Aerosols are the most forgotten item from the bathroom. Air fresheners and spray-on deodorant aerosols can be recycled in your mixed recycling bin at home. In fact, they are pretty valuable because aluminium can be recycled endlessly!

Shampoo and shower gel bottles

Recent research revealed that nearly 1 in 5 people don’t recycle toiletry bottles like shampoo and shower gel bottles. Remember, when it comes to plastics, you can recycle all plastic bottles from all over the house. Don’t forget the bottles from your bathroom.

Cleaning product bottles

Bleach bottles, trigger spray bottles and other cleaning product bottles can also all be recycled in your mixed recycling bin at home. Luckily, most people do recycle them but there is still more that can be done!

Recycle bathroom plastic bottles

There are a few things found in the bathroom that can’t be recycled. Here are 3 things that need to go in your general waste bin and are used to make electricity.

Toothpaste tubes

Around 1 in 4 people in Greater Manchester think you can recycle toothpaste tubes. They’re another low grade plastic item that can’t be recycled in Greater Manchester so belong in the general waste bin. This includes other plastic tubes like moisturiser tubes, face wash tubes and so on. Where possible, choose products that come in a plastic bottle so you can recycle as much as possible.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes, tissues and toilet roll. None of them can be recycled. This is because they are made of very short fibres that just can’t be recycled into new paper products. And remember, wet wipes aren’t flushable so pop them in your general waste bin.

Nappies and sanitary products

Believe it or not, we find a lot of nappies mixed in with the paper and card recycling. Not only are they made of a mix of materials that can’t be recycled, think about what else is found in dirty nappies… And that stuff definitely can’t be made into new paper and card! Nappies and sanitary products need to go in your general waste bin.

Are there any other items you’re not sure about? Ask us in the comment box below or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Check out our free recycling guide to find out what else you can recycle at home.

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