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Can I really recycle them all?

Yes! You can recycle all of the bottles and aerosols from your bathroom in your mixed recycling bin. More people in Greater Manchester are recycling the following items from their bathroom:

Shampoo bottles

Shower gel bottles

Hand soap dispensers

Shampoo Bottle Shower Gel Bottle Hand Soap Dispenser


Bleach bottles

Cleaning product bottles

Aerosols Bleach Bottle Bathroom Cleaner


Recycling the right things from all over your home saves your council money, is better for the environment and means more space in your general waste bin!

Most people know that plastic bags can’t be recycled so don’t put their mixed recycling in one. Put things in clean and loose.



Other plastic items from the bathroom, like old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and lids, can’t be recycled because they are made of low grade plastic. Find out why this matters here.


How do you recycle in the bathroom?

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How good are you at recycling?

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